Le Nid

Contemporary Art Installation

Placed within a nest of twigs are seven video surveillance cameras. You see them moving and rustling like chicks in a nest. The piece makes you feel like a captive observer, almost a voyeur. Contrasting and confronting the notions of fragility and vulnerability with those of authority and danger, The Nest is based on a clash of concepts. The cameras become harmless and vulnerable chicks. In wider society, video surveillance systems are seen as symbols of repressive authority.

Exhibited :

  • Monstru'Eux - La Casemate / Grenoble / Avr 2015 - Jan 2016
  • Exposition L’Ephémère / Seyssins / Mai 2013
  • Exposition FabLab - CCSTI La Casemate / Grenoble / Oct 2013
  • Exposition Metropolis - Arteppes / Annecy / Mai 2012
  • Festival Electro Choc / Bourgoin-Jallieu / Mar 2012

Photos :

  • Collectif Coin