Place aux Cubes

workshop for kids

Place aux Cubes is a Plastic Arts workshop for children from 6 to 10 years old. The aim is for them to create paper cubes, designed whilst undergoing a set of constraints: the drawings are done following strict rules, using only squares and a black marker. At night, they are lit from within by an LED± battery, then spread out with sound and video added. In a way in which a picture might internally reproduce itself, the cube represents a multi-faceted subtle exploration, playing with the shapes within the square and surrounding buildings. The atmosphere created is particularly soothing and contemplative. Passers by join in the game by moving and re-assembling the cubes.

Exhibited :

  • Festival des Monts et Merveilles / Attignat-Oncin / June 2012
  • Pleine Lune - DCAP / Echirolles / Apr 2012
  • festival CLN / La Motte Servollex / Oct 2011
  • festival Play-In / Grenoble / June 2011

Photos :

  • Collectif Coin